MEGAGroups - easily engage with large groups of customers

TRA MEGAGroupsLooking for an innovative way to speak with
your customers?

TRA's MEGAGroups provide a unique opportunity to interact with and engage large groups of customers using an innovative, cost effective, online platform.

Megagroups are a simple, flexible tool that will help you to better understand your customers’ point of view. Ideally suited for new product demonstrations, public consultation and creative evaluations.


  • Present new ideas or information both verbally and visually (including video content);
  • Quantify feedback from customers through real-time polls; Gather in-depth commentary and feedback using an online chat function;
  • Conduct post event surveys;
    …and much more.

How does it work?

Participants log on using a simple online interface. Users are only required to have an internet
connection and speakers on their computer to participate.

Anyone can participate – across  the Island and across the World.

How many people can participate?

The format allows for anywhere from 25 to 500 participants at a time.

Who's in control?

Discussions are led by a professionally trained moderator and participants are welcomed to the session in a ‘waiting area’.

Who can see what's going on?

An unlimited number of clients can listen in and view all feedback in a live setting.

Download the pdf brochure.